To Love Somebody...

I'm was so touched at the wedding ceremony of my husband's cousin Bill to his fiance Becca this past weekend and wanted to really try to share with you how these two made the day so personal and heartfelt.

A few years back, Bill's mother Carol, affectionately known to all as "Cass", passed away. In an effort to keep her spirit alive and make her part of the wedding day, the two of them choose to have his cousin Brian and her brother, David sing one of Carol's favorite songs, Somebody to Love. During this time, we were all passing around a handkerchief with Bill and Becca's wedding rings inside of it. The hanky was Cass's and was carried by both his older sisters, Jackie and Julie on their wedding day. Each person was asked to hold onto the rings and make a wish for the couple as they passed it along to the next person in line.


Many couples I read about don't take enough time to find the words or actions that can take this significant portion of the day to another level. Bill and Becca worked to not only make their ceremony reflect key element of their lives together, but it was intended to be a moment in time that every guest could take part in.

I just loved the personal touches Bill and Becca choose - from getting married with everyone in a tight semi-circle around them to it being outside and right along the edge of the creek made it so personal.

Congrations Bill and Becca!

Posted on September 29, 2010 and filed under Ceremony, Details, Inspiration, Real Weddings.