an enchanted forest: escort card display

One of my favorite details of the weddings we work on has to definitely be coming up with a fun and easy-to-use escort card display. For the Enchanted Forest Wedding last month, the bride and I had a very similar idea decided on from day one.

Taking a cue from fantasy and mixing it with the great outdoors, the concept began with having a series of paper scrolls from which the name cards would be attached. The original concept went through a few rounds of changes - especially on the actual day, when we needed to enlist some last minute help to construct a stable stand for the piece.

Here's my original sketches showing how the cards were to be placed onto the scrolls.

And here's the close-up of the two-piece design we settled upon.

Lastly, the final display decorated and ready.... I think you'll agree it came out quite fantastic! We used a combination of sheet moss, faux leaves, flowers and butterflies to decorate the base. The scrolls were attached to the frame using bark covered wire and the trees used for the actual frame came from the property.

To replicate this idea, here's a list of resources for where you can get similar materials:

Posted on August 4, 2010 and filed under Behind the Scenes, Details, Real Weddings.