Let's Talk Props

Probably the most important part of any of my event design work involves the use of props. When setting up an escort card area or centerpiece, I like to pull out some pieces from my collection to give a little much needed interest and fun to that area.

Usually I find these pieces at flea markets or small speciality shops - in the case of this miniature camera that holds up my business card, I found it at Scaredy Kat, a great card + gift shop in Park Slope, Brooklyn.

And yet, all designers and stylists use props, but not everyone pulls from their own personal collection. So when we're in need of something specific to use for event decor, we turn to the big boys: Prop Houses. My favorite in NYC is Props For Today. A variable warehouse full of pretty much anything you can imagine. Looking for 20 different milk glass pie plates? How about 1950s desk accessories or vintage cameras? This place has everything on your list and so much more.

Below is a little slide show of images from my recent trip there.

I'd use the stacking trays at the top left filled with a shallow bit of water and drip rose petals around the top. There are dozens of trays to choose from - love these for using as a backdrop for a guest book. Large egg baskets are great to fill with comfy shoes - think flip flops for all your guest so they can dance the night away.

So much beautiful and hard to find terra cotta planters. Cake plates in every size, shape, pattern imaginable. Don't you love these summery yellow linens?

Cameras, cans of old film, vintage medicine bottles, brass and wood trinket boxes, old rubber stamps (I love the carousels), staplers, rows and rows and rows of old books with perfectly patina bindings, old school alarm clocks and tons of picture frames.

Cosmetic containers and vanity mirrors

tons of bird cages to choose from

i love these old trophies for flower arrangements

the scale at left was used in a nursery to measure the weight of babies. i love the numbers and lines of the one at right.

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