DIY Notecards: Decorating with Dresden

I am one of those people who collects things. Glitter, paper, scraps of fabric, wire, pens, beads, whatever peeks my interest is fair game. Usually these items sit in one of about 3 assorted boxes/bins that i dive into whenever I'm looking for a quick jolt of inspiration. Most of it never really gets used, but just knowing i have these things on hand, should the right project come along, I feel more prepared.

A few months back, i was shopping at Tinsel Trading, one of my favorite spots for great finds and stumbled upon these Dresden frogs.

My sister-in-law, Jillian has a thing for frogs and i nabbed them thinking that someday, I could turn these into a sweet gift for her. For her birthday a few weeks back, I decided to make some lovely
note cards...

Here's the simple How-To:

  1. Purchase box of colorful or simple color bordered note cards. Try Crane's or Paper-Source for great basics.
  2. With a small scissor, gently remove excess trim around image
  3. Using a glue stick, cover the back side of each image
  4. Place finished piece in the center or off-set left or right of the notecard
  5. Bundle the set with pretty paper and gift away!

Some detailed photos of the frogs - they are slightly embossed and have glittery accents!

Posted on May 7, 2010 and filed under Behind the Scenes, DIY, Gifts, Paper Goods.