Deck Update: Accessories Galore!

We picked up some cool accessories this past weekend for the deck, including:

Willow Fencing from Jamali Garden: to add some privacy and homey feeling to the space, since it's feeling a little stark.
Two wine grape baskets. These are going to be filled with fresh herbs!
Photo via Digginfood

Fun red and white striped pillows from Pottery Barn

These will accessorize the outdoor sectional we ordered from Amazon

For evening entertaining, we picked up these clear globe string lights from Target. A steal at $12.99!

Four of these battery-tea light galvanized mini lanterns - windproof and cute!

This happy striped rug from Terrain at Styers at 50% off!! Whoo hoo, deal! It's 4' x 6' and will give us a good starting point for adding more colors (red, teal, ivory and charcoal)

At Terrain, they had a few amazing water features using old wash tubs and copper tubing. I found this beauty on eBay and think it would be a perfect DIY solution for us!

Stay tuned for some big progress - the furniture is coming this week (so excited!!!)

Posted on May 11, 2010 and filed under Decor, Nesting + Renovation.