Fabric Printing Made Easy

Have you heard of Spoonflower? If not and you are a crafter or DIY maven, this site is a great resource for printing your own fabrics. Available in 7 weights, Spoonflower will take your designs and turn them into beautifully printed quilting cotton, linen, silk or twill weight fabric.

Owl / Nautical print / Colorful calendar / Folk Pattern / ABC's

You simply upload your artwork, select your fabric weight, yardage needed and in about 8-9 days your fabric will end up on your doorstep ready to use. You can order swatches of their standard weights or get a sample of your print to ensure the colors are exactly what you had in mind. So cool!!

Peacocks / Travel Tags / London Print

I love that they also cater to designers - in fact, creativity pays off here since if you use your own artwork, Spoonflower provides a nice little discount on each yard. Great pre-fab prints and designs are available on their website so if you have a favorite blogger or crafter who does a lot of fabric work, search for them on the site and see if you can order a few yards of their work.

One of my favorite designs on the whole site just had to be this Tatooed Doll Couple by Heidi Kenny. I found some pix of the competed dolls on her Flicker account. So clever!

Doll images ©My Paper Crane / Heidi Kenny

Yard pricing ranges from $18 - $32.

Posted on December 2, 2010 and filed under Crafty, DIY.