Wardrobe Essential: Eloise Tanks

I cannot stress enough how much wardrobe basics can really make or break and entire outfit. Take these seemless tanks I've been collecting for the past few years from Anthropologie. Any day of the week, these key pieces are always the glue that bind my outfits together.

What I love most is that they are DTM; Dyed to Match, meaning that the yarn is dyed specificially to a choosen palette of colors by the Anthro design team. To you and me, this just means that a tank you purchase at their store will more than likely match the other items sold in store.

I love these tanks so much that I've dedicated an entire drawer in my dresser to them, which are arranged by color, like so:

For all you Antho lovers out there - I also wanted to share a great blog I've been reading called Effortless Anthropologie. Roxy eats, sleeps and blogs all day about Anthro and features a ton of great clothing reviews, which I've been obsessed with reading. I love seeing all the different ways people mix and match their clothes - plus knowing how a particular garment might fit before wasting lots of time standing in those long dressing room lines is a key to getting me in the store and buying items that I know will fit my body and look super cute.

Anyhow, Happy Friday to you all and hope you're off to a fun filled and exciting weekend!!

Posted on January 22, 2010 and filed under Blogs, Fashion + Beauty, IG Tips.