Holiday Hangovers 2010

I still have a little more cleaning up to do around here, but wanted to report about our successful Holiday Hangovers and Leftovers Party.

The apartment looked amazing - we filled dozens of mason jars with votive candles which showed off all the details in a lovely glow. The place was filled with about 40 guests (neighbors, friends and family) and although it was a little tight, everyone had a really festive attitude.

We modeled the invitation off of a print we have framed in our apartment done by an architect. It showcases some signature cocktails from the 1980s. It's a big conversation piece whenever we have guests over and a fitting way to showcase John's famous Holiday Leftover Trifle.

A few images of our apartment pre-guests (the awesome 80s cocktail print is shown in the bottom left). Some weeks back we painted the inside of our front door with chalkboard paint which became quite a lifesaver when keeping our to do list organized for the party. We left it up all night as a fun piece of artwork.

Taking inspiration from the invitation, we made tiny flags to label the cheese plate and various goodies on display. I loved the vintage plastic Santa and reindeer used to decorate this year's Buche de Noel.

And of course the party would not have been complete without our Bad Gift Exchange. There was a lot of stealing going on - and many of the gifts were big "As Seen on TV" hits.

Hoped you enjoyed this little peek into our party - it was a lot of fun thanks to having wonderful friends and neighbors around to share in the celebration. I have no clue how on Earth we're gonna top this one, but at least we have another 365 days to plan next year's soiree...

Posted on January 11, 2010 and filed under Behind the Scenes, Details, Entertaining, Events, Home Decor.