Inspirations: Two Interior Design Blogs I Adore

It's official. We've moved in. Admist all work over the past few weeks, I needed some much needed get away time. Special thanks to Time Warner for hooking up our internet connection extra-slow. (It's always the service provider's fault if you fall behind on your blog, right!?!)

We're really excited to be unpacked. The past two nights we cooked on our new awesome GE Cafe Series range and brought dinner up to the roof to enjoy our veiw. It's been really amazing!

There's so many small things left to do - mostly decorating which is always my most favorite thing of all!!! Thankfully there's a ton of amazing inspiration out there, especially on my two favorite interior blogs; Cafe Cartolina and Made by Girl.

The first, Cafe Cartolina is run by Fiona Richards, a fabulous greeting card designer and maker of vintage-feeling exotic paper goods. I have a serious crush on Fiona's blog posts. She highlights a lot of reclaimed, industral and amazing vintage-style furniture. It's just the stuff you can imagine was being used in apothocary shops, doctor's offices and warehouses of the early 20th century. There's a fresh mix of flicker finds, furniture (both old and new) and cool products showcased.

image via flickr

uncredited image

photographed by Jac de Villiers

via Martha Stewart

Jen Ramos publishes Made by Girl out of Las Vegas. Also a designer , Jen has an entire line of posters and greeting cards, plus a really sharp eye for eclectic, glamourous and fun interiors. She scours all the design magazines and brings me the very best of each. Constantly introducing me to a world of designers who's work I've yet to see, she shares each find with such enthsiam. Jen's also gettting married next January and I'm keeping my fingers crossed she starts posting some more of her wedding projects very soon.

via Elle Decor

interior by Mae Brunken Designs

interior by Wary Myers

via Mi Casa Revisita


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