Sneak Peek: Shira & Loren

I'm still trying to play catch-up this week after Saturday's wedding. I have a ton of amazing photos to share (most thanks to my fab SIL).

We're up to our ears in packing boxes right now - moving out of our place Friday morning and getting of our furniture ready to be stored for another month until work on our new place is completed. The renovation is moving along well - the kitchen's been delivered but its sitting in about 50 boxes in the living room. We have holes where the sinks, toilets and tub will sit!! Plus there's a lot of finishing touches still to find - cabinet hardware, lighting, wallpaper and paint. It's so exciting to see the progress on the work week-to-week!

The wedding went wonderful - the room was a glow, Shira was absolutely stunning and Loren had the most incredible smile on his face throughout the entire day!

It was such an emotional day for me to see all the pieces assembled in one place and hear countless kind words from wedding guests, complimenting the details. At the end of the night, I was exhausted and a little sad that this project I've been spending the past year working on was over. 

My staff of helpers could not have been better - being surrounded by such great friends and family was the best part of the entire day!


Posted on August 5, 2009 and filed under Behind the Scenes, Decor, Details, Real Weddings.