Renovation: Progress & Painting

We spent much of the entire past weekend inside painting our new place. Since we had much of the walls skim-coated and all the mouldings replaced, everything has to be painted - ceilings, walls, baseboards and crown mouldings. It's a pretty big job, even for a 1-bedroom Brooklyn apartment.

After a trip to Benjamin Moore earlier in the month, we selected a palette of mostly black, charcoal and whites. We really love the idea of keeping the apartment very neutral and high-contrast. Downstairs, we're doing most of the floor light gray and after installing some picture moulding, well add the medium gray to the center areas (like so):

Some photos of the paint-in-progress downstairs...

Saturday, we kept mostly upstairs and got a good base of the charcoal and white down. Love the way the white trim looks agains the charcoal. With the creeping vines on the building behind us and the white stucco building to the left, the contrast is stunning!

The (upstairs) washer/dryer closet and coat closet await to be painted...

In the kitchen, some of the cabinets have been hung and they came yesterday to template out the countertops.

We tested two stain colors (both Minwax). The color on the left is Jacobean and the right Dark Walnut. (And I got in a little trouble by the contractor on Monday for this. It seems as if you are supposed to test stain in an inconspicious area. I choose the center of the kitchen. Whoops!)

Next up, the bathroom!
Stay tuned...

Posted on August 20, 2009 and filed under Nesting + Renovation, interiors.