DIY Etched Mirrors

Now that Shira and Loren have finally said “I do”, I have a ton of projects I spent the past few months on that I can finally share!!

With the popularity of the DIY Envelope Liners and all the amazing feedback we received about the custom Family Tree designed for their invitations, I wanted to show our gift to this happy couple - a custom etched mirror.

Doing glass or mirror etching is actually very simple. Once you find someone who can output your art into vinyl, it’s a very short process and the results are pretty amazing. I was even impressed upon seeing the final result!


Materials Needed:
1. Armor Etch Cream
2. Foam brush
3. Original image made into vinyl decal
4. Mirror

The Process:
First, have your image transfered into a vinyl decal. Be sure to check with the supplier that they can replicate your image first. We had to go through a few different rounds of designs before finding the font/sizing that would reproduce best. We used Custom Vinyl Decals to output our design to vinyl.

1. Following vinyl transfer instructions, carefully adhere design to mirror. Be sure to work s-l-o-w-l-y and press out any air pockets as you go.
2. Dab foam brush into etching cream and cover design surface with a thick layer. Ensure design is 100% covered in the etching cream.
3. Let cream stand for 5 minutes, or per manufacturer’s instructions.
4. Bring mirror into sink and wash all the etching solution away. A wet paper towel helps speed up the process. Be sure to remove all the solution.
5. Pat dry the mirror and carefully remove vinyl. Clean the entire mirror once more - you can use water or glass cleaner - the image is now “set” and will not come off.
6. Enjoy!

At the wedding, we setup the mirror on the guest book table so all the guests could see it and admire the detail. After the reception ended, Shira and Loren were given the final mirror to place in their home!

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