Moving Day!

Please excuse the very horrible lack of posting around here. Last Thursday, I spent all day trying to finish packing our stuff for the movers to come on Friday morning.

We ended up staying up till Midnight - we were both exhausted but had to wakeup at 6AM on Friday - and get the last few things packed up. The movers showed up a bit early and took about an hour and a half to get all of our stuff out.

As they took boxes out, I tried to capture a few great shots of the place. The light in the morning that crept into the kitchen was always so lovely.

The movers loading our stuff into the van.

We had piles of boxes stacked up to the ceiling in our dining room...

When they got there at 8, we still had some last minute boxes to tape up.

Some essentials we left out to accompany us to our temporary home...

I have to admit that moving out of this apartment was really hard to do. It was the first place we found together and decorated ourselves. There are countless amazing memories I have spent in the apartment - surrounded by family and friends.

The day of our wedding, John and his groomsmen got ready there and we have these amazing photos of the guys celebrating and getting ready, all captured by Brian Dorsey Studios. There's a lot of great reasons for us to be excited to plant roots into our new place. For one, we own it - we're responsible for a mortgage and deciding every bit and piece that goes into the overall design. Having a place of our very own has always been a dream of ours and I really do look forward to the day we are finally moved in and settled.

But for now, I can't help but be a little sad as to what we said goodbye. It was really an apartment that I loved and was the first place in New York City that truly felt like home.

Posted on August 12, 2009 and filed under Behind the Scenes, Nesting + Renovation.