08.01.09, Shira & Loren

Today marks a very big milestone for Inspired Goodness. It's Shira and Loren's wedding day. Back when we met in September, I was still flushing out many of the ideas of what Inspired Goodness would one day become. Over the months as I got to spend more time with them — learning about how they met, fell in love and where they were before meeting one another as been a journey for me as well. This process has really taught me what I am truly capable of as a designer trying to convey a story.

For instance, telling me about how they met on a Birthright trip to Israel became the inspiration for tying a father-of-the-groom's request for a cigar roller at the cocktail hour into an exotic adventure. The fact that they both adore their family (especially the fondness for their grandparents) was the starting point for the family tree I designed. The tree found its way into the invitation suite - as the envelope liners. Then it was carried to the ceremony as a centerpiece for their wedding program. It will make it's final appearance as our gift to them - a DIY etched mirror for them to display in their home. At the reception, the mirror will be surrounded by their guest book; a place for everyone to see. A creative girl herself. when painting her Ketubah, Shira even incorporated the tree into her design.

And then there's New York. How can we forget it's role in all of this? Besides being home to Shira and Loren, it's the local of their wedding ceremony, at one of the city's most glorious synagogues. The reception is held at a ubiquitous NYC landmark, The Central Park Boathouse.

From the start, Vintage New York and Central Park were the theme. Strong colors, inspirations from the 1930s, Chagall and the color purple played a powerful role. Add two old souls and countless details, those pieces turned into a magical idea.

There will be lots to share, just please be patient and bear with me!

For now, I just want to dedicate today's post to Shira and Loren for giving me the creative freedom to really bring their story to life. In the process, Inspired Goodness flourished and I know this couple was a large source of inspiration for what it's turned out to be. Much of what the future holds for us as designers begun with this wedding, and in the end, we couldn't think of a better couple to have been so instrumental in helping us achieve what we always knew we could.

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