We're Writing for Weddingbee PRO!!

So the big news can finally be shared...

Bee Kim whom most of you know as the publisher of Weddingbee and as a recently named Modern Bride Trensdsetter of the Year, invited ME to be the newest addition to the Weddingbee PRO group of bloggers!!! (EEK!!)

Our first post just went live and I'm super excited to get to know the other vendors, loyal readers and share some of my best tips for designing remarkable events. Over the next few months, I hope to share some wonderful projects with the Weddingbee community. Some of the posts may appear on our blog as well, but the majority of the content will be exclusive to WB PRO.

Be sure to sneak a peek at my first post - all about Event Designers vs. Wedding Planners!


Posted on July 22, 2009 and filed under Behind the Scenes, Blogs, Weddingbee PRO.