From Inspiration to Fruition

We are back from Hawaii and I am finally back to blogging about our wonderful wedding.  It is amazing how well everything came together to truly be such a memorable day.  Despite my OCD and worrisome attitude, the day was sunny, the bridesmaids dresses FIT, I did not blubber down the aisle, and the reception was exactly how I envisioned.

I titled this blog "From Inspiration to Fruition," because my second post ever on IG included an inspiration board I created almost a year before we said "I DO."  I have had this collage hanging on my bulletin board for months as it guided me through the planning process.

Because there are so many AMAZING photos from our photographers from Shutterlove, I couldn't quite include all 1082 on my first recap :) 

After seeing all of the photos and hearing all of the lovely comments for our guests, all of my hard work really paid off.  Even though I have a cramped apartment full of leftover wedding details (candy jars, vases, baskets, ribbon, planter boxes, etc.) it was worth it.


On a side note... Hawaii was incredible. 

the Napali Coast is like nothing I have ever seen-breathtaking

We almost saved the money and didn't go.  I am so glad we did.  It is a once in a lifetime celebration you can share with your husband and every penny is worth it.  Plan it, go big, take photos, and enjoy it :)

Posted on June 30, 2009 .