DIY: Envelope Liners

Delivered to client and on their way to guests, I've been dying to show off these custom envelope liners I designed for a recent wedding invitation.

The couple, Shira and Loren have very strong family ties - and Inspired Goodness has been working hard to find creative ways to showcase the love they both share for their loved ones.

When working on their invitation suite, I knew a printed liner was going to be part of the overall look, but was at a loss for a pattern that didn't overwhelm the blind emboss and letterpress pieces that the other pieces featured.

And then it hit me to do a modified family tree. It was the perfect solution on how to incorporate their family into the set! Starting with an illustration from iStockPhoto, I modified existing art to work with the design and fit into the liner shape.

We printed the illustration on an uncoated paper stock in silver ink, to match the calligraphy and addresses on the envelopes. John helped me cut each of the liners and we setup an assembly line of cutting, taping, inserting and collating.

The entire project took about 6 hours, but they looked so perfect and hearing the client's feedback made it all worthwhile!

If you want to tackle this project, here's a list of materials you'll need:

  • Envelope Liner Temple Kit from Paper-Source
  • X-acto knife and lots of sharp blades
  • Double sided-tape. I used my new 3M adhesive gun (it was a total lifesaver) and recommend purchasing it if you plan on doing a lot of these...
  • Cutting mat - so you don't ruin your lovely dining room/kitchen table.
  • Ruler - look for a metal version with cork on the back side. It prevents the ruler from moving around

And here's a little step-by-step montage of the process:

Posted on June 19, 2009 and filed under Behind the Scenes, DIY, Paper Goods.