Closing Day!

Today after nearly 8 months of ups downs and a bit more stress than planned, my husband and I are finally closing on our first apartment! We’ve known for some time that our ♥ lies in Brooklyn. We’ve become so attached to our neighborhood that most of our house search focused in about a 10-square block radius – in neighborhood filled with lots apartments that were well over our budget, I assure you this was no easy feat.

Along the way we found a few gems and even had our hearts a little crushed over a buyer backing out at the last minute, but every cloud has a silver lining and our constant perseverance kept us going.

The next few months are sure to be a little hectic – we’ve got a bunch of renovation projects to figure out but the hope is to be moved in the beginning on August. Over the next through months, I’ll be posting some of the work in process and let you know how things are coming along. In the end, we’re just so happy to have a place to call our very own and to begin the next chapter in our lives!

And now... It’s time to celebrate!!

Posted on May 28, 2009 and filed under Behind the Scenes.