Suiting 101: Casual Style

various casual looks for the groomToday's continuation of our Suiting 101 segment delves into the some of the most essential aspects a groom needs to take into account when buying a suit: Casual Style

For more casual weddings, we tend to see an increase in lighter-weight fabrics and lighter-colors become prevalant. For a general guide, follow the formality of the bride to dictate your complimenting choice. Daytime weddings - especially in the spring and summer have a casual formality to them and you can accentuate personal details with bursts of color, fabric choices and accessories.

Add a pop of color through key accessories: ties and socks

Look for interesting coordinating patterns and mix and match colors that compliment one another. Also be on the lookout for vintage elements that can lend some casual flair to any outfit: vests, suspenders (with rolled up sleeves) and hats. All these details add fun and allow you to bring a bit of your personality to the wedding day.

photos: Jessica Verma, Thorton Photo, , Jill Thomas, Leigh Miller, Kelly Moore,, Martha Stewart Weddings


Posted on May 18, 2009 and filed under Suiting 101.