Papel Picado

I love the idea of an outdoor wedding with bright colors and fun personal details. Today I stumbled up the Esty shop, aymujer, run by two sisters in California who design custom paper picado tissue banners. These colorful creations are really beautiful and festive.

Custom work starts at around $100

Paper Picado (perforated paper) is the Mexican art of papercutting into elaborate designs. Commonly cut from tissue paper using small chisels, the artists can produce multiple designs at a time.

I also found Casa Bonampak, a store located in San Fransico's Latin district which offers a huge selection of paper picado (actually the largest selection in the U.S.). If you have a party on the horizon and want to find an excellent assortment, make sure to visit their online store.

paper picado available at Casa Bonampak

Thanks to Oh So Beautiful Paper for introducing us to this beautiful craft!

Posted on May 14, 2009 and filed under Decor, Details, Party Supplies.