My labor of love

They have been sent.  My pride and joy over the past month has made its public appearance in a mailbox near you!  My invitations have finally been mailed, so now I can show you the set.

All materials were purchased at Paper-Source, eBay (for the gocco itself), Hobby-LobbyEnvelope Mall, and Office Max.  I really wish I had a more appropriate breakdown of price for 164 invitation sets... but I will do my best:

From Paper-Source:

- 100 sheets of bulk cover weight MOSS paper $26.00
- 100 sheets of bulk cover weight CHOCOLATE paper $26.00
- 10 packs of cover weight LUXE FINO WHITE paper $51.70 (at the time I think I got 10% off)
- Various Gocco Inks and Screens
            - High Mesh Masters 5 pk- $15.85
            - Karacha ink $3.95
            - Matsuba ink $3.95
            - Avocado ink $3.95 (which is the green color seen throughout)
            - More inks, bulbs, and ink blotting from eBay- $50.48

From Hobby Lobby:

- 50 sheets of KRAFT paper $3.99 (which I also used for 150 escort card envelopes)

From Envelope Mall:

Although Paper-Source and I are BFF's, I liked the prices at Envelope Mall a litter better.  They have a great selection, the quality of the envelope was nice, and they delivered quickly!

-200 A9 Carnival Euro flap in COCO $43.90 (outer envelope)

- 200 A4 Carnival Euro  flap in COCO $30.50 (response envelope)

- 200 A7 Brown Bag Kraft $25.50 (inner envelope)

From Office Max:

- 2 packs (50) of Avery Full Page White Ink Jet Labels $24.00 (cut to size to address outer envelope)


-180  .42 cent stamps for outer envelope $75.60 (B-A-R-E-L-Y made it @ .42 :)

-140 .42 cent stamps for response envelope $58.80 (I had some extras from a previous project)

*Total for invitation supplies (paper, envelopes, & labels )= $231.59

                                                                                            with postage=$365.99

                                             with gocco supplies (TONS leftover)=$444.17

My goal was to stay under $500--which I did-- if you don't count gocco materials, which I don't because I have tons of ink (I only finished off 1 tube of ink), ink blotting, bulbs, and screens left over (which I made the coasters, napkins, candy bags, and escort cards with)

Ok...Ok... ready to see them?  (important info has been blocked out... but I hope you get the idea!)


main invitation


                                        hotel information                                               reception card


response card + envelope


the WHOLE set :)


                         glue sticks work great for sealing                        the assembly line


before and after applying the address labels


ALL 164 beauties!!

Posted on April 7, 2009 .