Fabulous Friday!

Every morning I wake up to a view of beautiful sunlight filtering into the bedroom by two alcove windows but yesterday, inspired by the lovely weather and knowing that spring is finally showing it's face, I decided to move around my home office to take advantage of the view.

Of course, a few hours later of finding a hiding spot for our extremely large AC, a chair and ottoman from Ikea that serves as a glorified clothes stash and lots of paper towels to clean the grimy windows, I'm all ready for the season ahead.

And again, this morning, I woke to see the same view, albeit even more stunning than all the other mornings before because we have sparkling clean windows! It feels like an entirely new apartment!! Yay!

Sorry, hope I'm not loosing you here. What I really am trying to get at is that SPRING HAS SPRUNG!! Case in point - the iPhone tells me that the weather this weekend (and for the next 5 days - okay, ignore Wednesday) is going to be incredible!


So get yourselves out some super-cute ensembles and enjoy the weather. My plans include BBQing it up in the park!

What are you planning?

Posted on April 24, 2009 and filed under Uncategorized.