Gift Giving for Weddings

In Sunday's New York Times, an article appeared giving tips for spending just the right amount for gift givers. At times, all of us are faced with this dilemma - how much should one spend? Do you give money or should you aim for something a little more personal?

Well, the answer really depends on you, your relationship to the recipient and your own situation. I personally think a thoughtful gift paired with a lovely handwritten note will always out-way the item you've selected off a couple's wedding registry.

My plan has always been to ask myself two important questions:

  1. Would this couple be able to get more length out of cash? Perhaps they are trying to save money for a house or focused on planning for their future.

  2. Would the couple appreciate something unique and if so, how can I pair their personality and common interests into something while keeping within my budget?

So where does one go to find a well-edited selection of gifts?

My favorite g0-to source is summed up clearly right here: Shop-A-Matic. Yes folks, I'm a huge, huge fan of New York Magazine's selection of chic choicest. In fact, nearly every gift-giving occasion that I am faced with, its always the first place I turn to.


Above are six amazing finds from a recent Apartment Therapy, Small Space Solutions Shop-A-Matic.

  1. Venetian Mirror: perfect for anyone with a nice entry way. At $199, this is the most pricey item on our list, but they will keep it forever and think of you each time they smile at their reflection!

  2. Orla Kiely for Target Kitchen Canister: So cute and at only $20, you can add a grouping of matching utensils and wooden spoons.

  3. Foaming Dish Scrubber: Black & White + Simple Clean Design = Smart Gift Idea. I'd pair these with a similar b+w pieces, including these dishtowels, a set of classic salt + pepper shakers paired with a gift card to their favorite local eatery!

  4. Tea Cup and Hook Tiles: Don't we all need an extra little pocket for kitchen's smallest essentials.

  5. Decorative Pillows: I adore these pillows and at $18 each, you can spurge and get the happy couple one of each color!

  6. Key in Lock Hooks: A fun twist on the simple coat hook, idea for anyone with creative tastes.

Check out the entire list here.

And by all means, whatever you choose to buy, remember to be a good friend and always include a GIFT RECEIPT!

Posted on March 17, 2009 .