As our wedding approaches and the DIY madness continues, I knew I couldn't stop with just our wedding decor, I had to extend some ideas to the bridal shower.  Although the shower will be held at a restaurant, I wanted to add a few DIY decorations keeping with our earthy, white, with wood elements color-palette.

First, I created some simple...and I mean simple... flower centerpieces that could be taken home.  In my experience, most women don't want to travel home with a vase full of water, which is why the branch was a lovely solution. I plan on keeping some for my home too.



Here they are arranged in a larger vase (for storage purposes!), but could easily be arranged that way.

close up of the flower




The branches will be places in a single white bulb vase from IKEA

Ikea vase

The flowers are made from 1 roll of white crepe paper!  Cost me about .50 a roll.  Simply cut pieces about 4-5 inches long and roll while pinching the bottom.  I added a little bit of tape to the bottom, then hot glued them to the branches. Done and Done.


A few more projects-in-the-making include potted tulip favors (painted white) and the infamous Martha Stewart Tissue Paper pomanders turned into garland.


Green satin shoes

Follow Up:  Found some green JCrew shoes on Ebay!!  Brand new and for a great price!! Thanks to those who helped me in the search :)


Posted on March 10, 2009 .