John's Birthday Dinner, The Recap

Last night's dinner celebration for John was so amazing - I have to share some of the photos with you all! Since all of our friends came out to help us celebrate, I made amazing Bacon + Sea Salt Chocolate Bark favors for everyone. We got there a little early to place one at each setting.

Bacon + Sea salt Chocolate Bark Favors - 9

To package, I bought a set of cellophane candy bags, scored blue notecards in half and cut along the edge with scallop scissors. After stamping the design, I placed a few staples along the bottom to secure.

Bacon + Sea salt Chocolate Bark Favors - 8

They chocolate was a HUGE HIT - and if you're curious to recreate, here's the recipe:

Inspired Goodness' Bacon & Sea Salt Bark

  • 3 bags of Ghiradelli 60% chocolate chips 

  • 1 lb. of Applewood Smoked bacon 

  • 1 tbsp. Sea Salt

  1. Fry bacon until extremely crispy  

  2. Drain strips of bacon on paper towels  

  3. Once dried, cut the bacon into tiny bits 

  4. Prepare large sheet pan with layers of aluminum foil 

  5. Set up a double boiler by adding 2" of water to small saucepan. Bring to a simmer and place a glass bowl atop of the saucepan. 

  6. Add chocolate to glass bowl and stir thoroughly until melted

  7. Add 2/3's of the bacon bits into melted chocolate

  8. Pour mixture into sheet pan and smooth with a large spatula

  9. Sprinkle remaining bacon bits and sea salt over top of wet chocolate

  10. Refrigerate 30 minutes until hardened. 

  11. Break apart, package and enjoy!

Homemade Bacon Bits - 1
 {the bacon bits}
Pigfest '09 - 15

{presentation of the main attraction, they took the pig into the back to then prep it for us}

Pigfest '09 - 19

{placing the pig at the table}

Pigfest '09 - 30

{my plate with lots of goodies!}

Pigfest '09 - 49

{those are some good-looking pig lovers!}

Pigfest '09 - 4
Pigfest '09 - 18

{of course, I picked up some silly pig-inspired additions to make the night even more silly}

The pig itself was definitely the hit of the evening - along with beans, kale and a dessert of apple crumble with vanilla ice cream, we were all stuffed!


Posted on February 27, 2009 .