DIY: Card Box

When I first laid eyes on the card boxes from Estilo Weddings, I fell in love with their simple modernness.  I knew I wanted one, but being a bride on a budget,  I set out to create my own using this photo as my inspiration:

Card box

Materials were pretty simple for this project.  All I had to go out and buy was a cardboard box of my chosen size.  I ended up picking one up at Michael's for around $6.00.  I had Martha Stewart paper, ribbon, Modge Podge, and hot glue lying around from various projects.


The first step was to measure the paper around the box.  Slap a coat of Modge Podge to apply it, as well as on top to finish it, and give it a glossy coat.  Continue this process on all sides.  Before you cover the lid, measure a pretty long slot and cut it out with an exact-o knife.  I made sure mine was pretty big just in case we receive some larger cards.  Finish applying the paper.  Let dry.

Next, I measured out my ribbon.  Cut, then apply a little hot glue.  When adding the ribbon to the lid, make sure it is aligned with the box ribbon (as you are gluing the ends to the inside of the box and underside of the lid).


you can see how I wrapped the paper and ribbon
around the edge into the inside of the box

I added a little decoration on top with ribbon by looping smaller pieces and hot gluing them.  I made a little ribbon flower and affixed a button in the middle as well.


I tested it with various sizes of cards.  It held up pretty nicely-- holding about 60-70.  Considering I invited 300 guests, that might be a problem...but for roughly $6.00 in extra costs, I am pretty happy with the results and could easily make another!

Posted on February 24, 2009 .