The Martha Stewart Show

On Thursday, I was invited to attend the taping of The MARTHA show courtesy of Mrs. Bee from Weddingbee. I've actually been to two other shows before, but by far, this one was the best!

Martha Stewart Show 09 - 12.jpg

(I can't believe how tired I look here - it was the 8 a.m taping that did this to me)

Martha Stewart Show 09 - 02.jpg

First, our seats rocked - front row, right in front of the craft room.
We had close-up views of Martha,
Darcy Miller and Ken Sharkey (all people on my
OMG - it's a celeb and I'm About to Freak Out" List).

The set was all decorated for Valentine's Day.

Picture 1.png

There was an amazing segment with Martha and Darcy Miller -
featuring many details from the recent issue of Weddings:

Martha Stewart Show 09 - 13.jpg

 including a replica of the fabulous cake from the cover:

Picture 1

The backdrop for the wedding part of the show was this HUGE and colorful inspiration board:


Darcy talked about some pretty dyed shoes by Lela Rose
(available in TONS of colors - at
Payless - I know, crazy, right!!)


I loved the showcase of the new color palette for the issue (pink, orange and yellow):

Martha Stewart Show 09 - 17.jpg

Not to mention a segment with the owners of the Lower East Side candy shop, Papabubble. I for one adore those candies and know a bride and groom who are sure to love sharing the samples they gave out.


image via flickr

Martha Stewart Show 09 - 21.jpg

(the turquoise color is lemon flavored - they say WE LOVE MARTHA and the red ones are pomegranate and have a tiny heart in the center)

Martha Stewart Show 09 - 16.jpg

Also we saw one of the Everyday Food Chefs, John Barricelli prepare a passion-fruit Panna Cotta (looked delish and so pretty in it's heart shape).

And before I forget, I also spied Brooklyn Bride in the audience. I didn't get a chance to introduce myself to her since we were asked to remain in our seats, but I hope to meet her someday soon.

Posted on February 12, 2009 .