DIY Farewell Flags

Since our church does not allow us to "throw" anything after the ceremony, particularly things that would need to be cleaned up, I took some inspiration from Darling Dexter and decided to make fabric-farewell-flags.

It's a fairly easy process, yet my mom's extra set of hands really helped with the assembly line.  I measured strips, cut them into 6x5 inch rectangles (to allow for trimming the edges and gluing to the dowel), while my mom cut 3 out of 4 sides with pinking shears.

Here is what you will need (to make 100 flags...with quite a bit of extra fabric):


  • Few yards of various fabric-  I purchased a 1/2 yard of 4 different fabrics @ $6.99 a yard

  • scissors (I used a rotary cutter and pinking sheers to give it a zig-zag finished edge)

  • ruler (I got a sweet discount on a cutting mat/rotary cutter/rule combo that day--which made cutting the strips a lot easier)

  • package of dowels (4 packs of 25 at $1.99 a pack)

  • hot glue (had in my craft stash)

How to:


Measure fabric to desired size. 
My squares were 6x5 so I cut a large strip, then into smaller rectangles


My mom used pinking shears to give it a finished edge (which also helped them not to fray).  She began by cutting all 4 sides but wised up as we realized one edge would hide when we glue them


A close up of the finished flag


Applying glue to the unfinished edge.

* Originally, I wanted to sew the edges and have the "right sides out" showing.

Here is why I chose hot glue:
1. time efficient
2. Just as sturdy
3. I doubt my guests will marvel over these.  Even though I will be sad, I am sure many of these will be thrown away.  No one pays attention to detail like a bride-to-be at a wedding.  Thus, glued, unfinished sides.  Pick your battles :)


Apply glue to the fabric.  I tried applying the glue to the dowel and rolling it and I found that putting glue on the fabric allowed me to roll the dowel easier.  I rolled until the edge of the fabric was hidden.  You will get the hang of it.

One down, 99 to go!


100 -25 of each fabric- farewell flags!

         Price Breakdown

  • fabric= $13.98

  • dowels=$7.96

  • glue= already had

Total for 100 flags= $21.94
(plus extra fabric I used for other projects)

When you wave the flags you can't even tell there is a "backside" to the fabric.

Adios-Ciao-Au Revoir!

Posted on February 10, 2009 .