Christmas 2009

I promised you I'd share a few pix from the past weekend, Christmas 2009. We had a great time catching up with family and friends and Santa brought us some great gifts too!

Two of my favorites included Japanese Washi (Masking Tape) and Felix Doolite Address labels (shown in the second row).

Really love all the small details about the holidays - I snapped mostly bits and pieces of decorations including some wonderful ornaments, a very old salt and pepper Mr. and Mrs. Claus set and our stockings hung in front of he fireplace.

This year Brooke kept her wrapping paper really simple (just like me) and made handmade bows for every gift from old magazine pages. You have to visit her blog for the tutorial.

Unfortunately John and I ended up tied for 2nd Place in the 2nd Annual Gingerbread Decorating competition. This year it was quite a lot more competitive, but I was especially happy with the way our house came out in the end. Lucky Fran and George won first place with a beach-inspired theme, complete with rice-cake lighthouse.

Below is Brooke and Nick's entry. Their house was covered in Juicyfruit siding (smelled so yummy) and featured two dormer windows plus a chimney - some very good wildcards, huh?!?

Ours is the house at the bottom - featuring fruit stripe gum siding and candy corn luminaries. We also added two penguins to our pond and a hot tub in the backyard!

And in the spirit of the holidays, I wanted to feature a little giveaway today. Like our award ribbons shown above? Download a free vector of them by clicking here.

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