Vintage Bus Roll Seating Chart

I've been wanting to share this idea for quite some time and will my new schedule - I've finally been able to devote a post to it. Hooray!

You all know by now what a fan I am of all things vintage, industriall and black & white, well what better than to showcase my love for these three aesthetics than with a little nod to Vintage Bus Rolls. Historically, these were used before the days of digital signs - drivers would roll the sign to indicate which route the bus you were getting onto was headed. The past few years people have been collecting the original ones - they are pretty pricey and can easily fetch in the hundreds of dollars for a well-known route.

images via Apartment Therapy and Paris Hotel Boutique

A great way not only to show your love for all things vintage, these serve another purpose - as a great way to cover a large blank wall and showcase a simple-to-use seating chart for your guests.

Here's my modern day interpretation:

Everyone is listed alphabetically and their table number is shown to the right. Since guest lists are notorious for having large members of the same family, I figured two ways to handle that:

  1. Draper, Bobby is listed, while his parents, Don and Betty are shown as D/B.
  2. The Forrys (Brooke/Nick) are listed as B/N and Nick's parents are listed as M/J (Maureen and Jim)
  3. And adults Jemma and Jax Teller were a big challenge. Both have the same first initial and last name so we just spelled out their full names

Think it looks pretty grand and is a great way to add a cool nod to your favorite city of the past to your wedding day décor. To keep the theme going, just go to a local souvenier shop and find yourself toy taxicabs and double decker buses.

Stay tuned, because we hope to place these as a print-yourself project on our Etsy store soon.

Posted on December 10, 2009 .