Shira & Loren: Part 3

We last left off with our bride and groom heading from their ceremony en route to The Central Park Boathouse. Greeting the guests was a three part plan. 1. The Entrance 2. The Escort Cards/Guestbook and 3. The Cigars & Cocktails

Since the entrance to the Boathouse was the first area all the guests would pass though, our team worked for a good part of the day draping crystal strands in a star pattern - radiating from the center. Various sized mason jars were filled with votives and gave the area a warm glow as the sun set. The end result gave us just the vintage look we were striving for. A nod to the glamour of 1940s New York.

As guests made their way into the cocktail hour, they were greeted with three postcard racks, all full with escort cards. Each rack was organized alphabetically and all the names were pre-printed on the front of the cards. We had designed their Save the Dates to look like vintage postcards and it was really fun to carry this theme through countless areas of the reception.

Looking for something to add to the reverse side of the escort cards, we opted for a quote taken from Ella Fitzgerald's Manhattan, the song from their first dance.

The great big city's a wonderous toy
just made for a girl and boy.
We'll turn Manhattan
into an isle of joy!

Using photos from the past and from their engagement shoot with photographer, Craig Paulson, Shira and Loren made their own personalized photo guest book. We styled the table with our gift to the couple, yep, the Etched Mirror!

To finish off our design for the cocktail hour, we created a lot of key personal details. First was the custom matchbooks and cigar labels created to tell the adorable story of how Shira and Loren met. We also created custom printed napkins in their wedding colors, silver and purple, along with some signage for two signature cocktails.

That's all for today. Be sure to tune in tomorrow for even more.

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