Bon Voyage

Hello lovelies! I am in an extra happy mood today after two weeks of putting on a very brave face.

You see, John, my better half, has been traveling the past few weeks for work. First to Shanghai, then Vietnam, then Johannesburg, then Lesotho and currently in Swaziland. The boy has been very busy traveling the globe!

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It's been an amazing opportunity for him and quite an education for me. Before he left for the trip, I couldn't tell you where on Earth Lesotho was geographically. At this stage in the game, I can easily figure the local time, temperature and approximate distance from New York City. (Go me!)

From afar, we've kept in touch with various modes of communication. Apparently you can receive text messages from South Africa. (Let's pretend they will cost the same amount that local ones state side would.) We had some odd-hour skype calls (11:45PM on Saturday for me, 6:45AM on Sunday for him.) and we both have learned how hard it can be to return to an empty hotel room (him) /apartment (me) and long for a simple gesture like holding each others hands or a kiss goodnight.

After two plus years of marriage, it still amazes me that our relationship can still stay so fresh. The excitement at times gets overtaken by life and the grind of everyday, but through it all, we are tested and have generally come of of each situation knowing that we really just love to be together.

So it's been a bit hard for me - having too much time to myself. I must admit that I've been quite busy; the visit to Asbury Park, a night talking away with my dearest friend, making major progress on assembling the frames for our Paris wall map plus getting the latest wedding invitations designed and presented to a very satisfied bride.

Anyhow, I'm going off on a tangent and need to get back to my point...

Which is that tonight I am boarding an airplane bound for London, John's final destination. His flight home was arranged to leave for Heathrow to New York and he came up with the idea that I should meet him for a long weekend there. Were staying for 3 nights/4 days and I couldn't be more thrilled!!!

Not only do I get to spent all weekend in a city I've always dreamed of visiting, but that I can do it with John. After two weeks apart, we sure have some time coming to us.

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I've got my camera all ready and found a wonderful inspiring set of shops and restaurants to visit (many courtesy of Wee Birdy). If you plan to visit London, you mush check out this blog - she has incredibly detailed descriptions, site visits, photos and google maps of her favorite London places.

With that said, I'm packed, ready and signing off until Monday. I hope each of you has a lovely weekend as you gear up for Thanksgiving. 

And to John, I hope your ready because this girl is on her way.

Someone please alert the Queen and Sir Paul (McCartney & Smith). The Canale's are coming!!

Much love and adieu...

~ Kim

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