Apartment Fix

We're all moved in but have been spending a lot of time looking around for cool things to help us turn our crisp clean space into the Vintage Industrial Dreamhouse we so desire. Today I stumbled onto an insanely great resource for some cool decorative products to add to the mix, all from Peddlers Home UK.

1. Routemaster Numbers: I can see these lined up in a long row placed very high on the wall. 2. Tall Dustpan and Broom: I've got a spot for this right in the corner of the fireplace. 3. Wood Sweeper: functional and pretty enough to display! 4. Bus Destination Signs: a great grouping for an empty wall. 5. Wood/Bristles Doormat: Stylish and functional. Shouldn't your entryway be just as stylish as your interior? 6. Majorly amazing trash bins. Hello Wesco Kickmaster and goodbye Simplehuman . (They also carry a matching bread bin, kettle and biscuit tin). We've been looking for vintage school house clocks. Love #7 Smith or the #8 Repro by Newgate. 9. These storage boxes would look incredibly chic placed on the shelves above my workspace. 10. Recycled Planters: we all need some plants (and colorful happy containers in our lives). 11. A simple but elegant coat rack with hooks for the entryway. 12. Wooden toilet brush. I know, i know. But it looks really pretty. 13. Armlight Wall Light: to help illuminate those late night in-bed reads.

Posted on October 9, 2009 and filed under Decor, Nesting + Renovation.