Moe the Sock Monkey

I try to make each of the kids in my family (nieces and nephews) something handmade. Wyatt, my oldest brother's little boy was born back in June and I finally just finished up his present.

Uncle John with Wyatt and Moe

When Ryan was just a boy himself, he had a favorite stuffed animal, a teddy bear named "Teddy". When trying to find a good gift for Wyatt, I instantly knew that I had to try to recreate a toy that his dad loved so much. Teddy went everywhere with my brother and the hope is that Moe the Monkey will one day end up as one of Wyatt's most cherished toys. Someone that can be there - always to lend a hand and a hug.

For Wyatt, I made a Red Heeled Sock Monkey - inspired by our good friend Dave. Dave loves making these sock monkey's - he's been making them for years for all of his friends' who have kids.

my SIL, Jillian (Wyatt's mom) opening his gift.

To make a similar monkey, I followed this pattern. Eyes were sewn on with black embroidery thread. To make him extra special, I added a few handfuls of lentils to his hands, feet tail and and bottom. They help him to sit up and lend a bit of weight.

It's a really easy project for anyone to tackle in just a few days. I used my sewing machine to make the legs, arms and tail. Once the individual pieces were created, I tacked everything together and sewed the parts to the main body. Then Moe was filled with the beans and fiber fill. No need to worry if you don't have a sewing machine of your own. The entire project can be sewn by hand, it would just take you a little bit longer.

On his bum, Wyatt's initials are embroidered, so should be ever be misplaced, everyone will know exactly who this monkey belongs to!

Anyone looking to make a similar monkey, here's a great resource for the socks.

Posted on October 18, 2009 and filed under Baby + Kids, Behind the Scenes, DIY.