Picnics, The Eco-Friendly Way

Okay, I know what you're thinking. She's totally lost it!

Its currently about 30° in Brooklyn, I'm freezing and have just finally winterized my bedroom after weeks of complaining about the frigid nights, but it seems I'm longing to run over to the park and have myself a fun little wintertime picnic.

What better accoutrement to have in tow than these adorable Eco Friendly Picnic Sets?


They include that fabulous wooden cutlery I've been dying to buy for ages, a cup-holder, cardboard plate plus feature a nifty hands-free spot for your "wooden-ware" so its allows you to keep one hand free for grabbing more goodies!200901081202.jpg  

Or if your a craft-freak like me, why not use these to invite your guests to your next picnic? Just gocco all the details to the cardboard plate and send through the post in a nifty large envelope. Ah ha, now she's thinking!

Get yours today!

{via SwissMiss}

Posted on January 8, 2009 .