Workaholic: What Haven't I Done in the Past 72 Hrs.

This weekend was a little insane - I took on an amazing fun project and got to spend all day with someone I admire very much.

I should explain, right.

Mrs. Bee from Weddingbee got in touch with me late last week for a
last minute emergency project. In search of a clean and organized
workspace, she called Inspired Goodness to the rescue! So I ended up with a weekend that looked a little like this:

Spent all Friday planning, Saturday shopping and Sunday installing. And low and behold, this is how things looked at the end of yesterday:

redesign of Mrs. Bee's Desk from Weddingbee. Shopped, sourced and installed all these desk accessories and storage pieces.

It was a lot of fun to coordinate the new desk accessories and storage pieces I found with some of Bee's own things and of course, I've included some terrific details that I'll be sure to share later in the week!

It's not entirely finished yet, but here's some pix of what we accomplished over the weekend for Mrs. Bee. I really hope it helps to give her a spot that's all hers and a clean slate from which to grow one of my favorite blogs around.

So, what did you crazy busy girls do over your weekend?

Posted on January 26, 2009 .