To Do or Not To Do: The Wedding Video

My husband and I were in 100% agreement. Wedding Videos Stink. You notoriously see grainy footage with way too much lighting (as if you didn't spending weeks designing the perfect ambiance), not to mention the half hour of your "Favorite Uncle" telling embarassing stories of you that nobody should ever repeat.

And yet, videographers like Well Spun Weddings have begun to make me look at the wedding video as a true piece of art. A video taken with a Super 8 or 16MM camera is a perfect solution to give your special day a unique spin - just partner the footage with a song that speaks of you as a couple and let the team at Well Spun work their magic.

I especially love all the options offered - are you looking to narrate the video yourselves, want to share it via iPhone or on Facebook? Seriously, I've had to reconsider my stance on the dreaded wedding video and if I had the chance to do it all over again, this is exactly the type of company I'd partner with to capture my wedding day.


My favorite video (captured in screen shots above) can be found here - watch to see what makes Well Spun so unique - the vintage vibe and beautiful storytelling will make you see how videos can really bring an event to life.

Posted on January 21, 2009 .