Have A Bridesmaid Dress You're Not Using?

We all have a few unworn clothes in our closet, but if you're among one of the 23 million bridesmaids (or groomsmen) you might have an old bridesmaid dress collecting dust in your closet.

And what are all us ex-'maids to do with all these leftover frocks?

How about donating it a deserving high school student who can revamp it for her prom. If you're anything like me, you've been meaning get to that New Year's Resolution - this is a perfect way to not only give back but to help out someone who will be more than overjoyed to get an opportunity to strut her stuff on the biggest event of a high-school ladies life.

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Founded in 2002, The Cinderella Affair's dedicated voulenteers work as personal shoppers, helping deserving girls find that perfect dress and seamstresses, doing on-the-spot alterations, making sure the dresses are a perfect fit!


To donate locally, check this list of donation sites or get in touch with Hannah at The Hub to donate your dress(es) today! Make sure to get in touch soon, the donations need to be received by Feb. 22nd!


Posted on January 14, 2009 .