Flower Arranging 101

How on Earth do they do it? Yes ladies (and gents) I'm right there with you in asking this very same question every time I see this amazing flower arrangements done by the likes of people just like you and me.

It seems that some people have quite a knack to arranging simple Trader Joe or bodega blooms into über fantastic works of art that I have a tendency to drool over. But, there is hope for us once horticultural-challenged kids.


Looks like last season's Top Design offered more than just insane challenges. It has introduced us to the likes of Eddie Ross. If you haven't yet heard of Ross, its likely you need to quickly get on board and join the ranks of us "in the know."

A Martha Stewart alum with a panache for flea market outings and collecting anything engraved, silver and antique, he also just happens to have some amazing flower arranging tutorials on his blog.

Don't trust me, check them out for yourself here.

What a total trend Ross has begun – it looks as if Apartment Therapy is along for the ride too!


{arrangement by Michelle Workman}

Posted on January 12, 2009 .