A Look Back...

Someone recently made me think pretty hard about what it means to actually sit down and write a list of New Years resolutions and honestly, the thought of it just depresses me. To be frank, I can't quite bear the idea of making a list of things that I could possibly fail at and have a public forum to remind me what I've "forgotten" to accomplish.

A perfect solution to looking forward is to make a list of things I loved most about 2008. There we so many wonderful memories with friends and family but these were the moments that stood out the most.

In no particular order, here were my favorite things of 2008:


We visited Paris and had an amazing vacation that lived up to all its expectations, (even when we got caught unprepared for the relentless rain in Provence)


A portable grill graced our presence and allowed us to become local superstars. (one onlooker called it "a Cadallic!")


Some people I love got hitched.

DSC00013.JPG The lobsters from Long Beach came home with us.

DSC00904.JPGSome of our weekend breakfast's included some yummy homemade pancakes!

DSC00999.JPG My faith in Halloween has been restored (yours truly as Rachel Zoe and my hubby as Axl Rose)


I learned to how ski (well, not really, but I did take a lesson)


we added a new member to the family, Hetfield.


thanks to my parents, we finally got our wedding album to savor for years to come.

Last Roll - 43.jpg

We attended my niece's 2nd birthday party as the only adults without kids.


I incorporated my business and started this blog!


My wonderful MIL had Christmas stockings personalized for each of us!


and lastly, new traditions we made with the first annual

Gingerbread House Decorating Contest

What were some of your own favorite times of the past year?

Posted on January 1, 2009 .