D.I.Y. Centerpieces

After scouring websites and magazines, I chose a few photos for my reception decor inspiration.  I like these photos for their simplicity, for their fresh colors, and for the fullness that the hydrangeas bring (without the need for "filler" greenery that all the florists were talking about). Photos via The Knot.


Although I had a "team" of friends and family, willing to assemble the arrangements before the wedding, I wanted to use silk flowers, to eliminate some uncertainty and to complete the bulk of the arranging before-hand.  However, I also love fresh flowers and wanted to incorporate them in the decor as well.  So, I compromised! 

I used silk hydrangeas and berries, coupled with fresh white roses (ordered wholesale).  I still utilized my "team" of flower arrangers - but the process was very simple, as they added hydrangeas, berries, roses, and a few curly willow, to create very sweet and simple centerpieces!


  • Vase

  • Hydrangeas - 2 white + 1 green, per arrangement

  • Berries - 3 berry clusters

  • Roses - 3-5 white roses, per arrangement

  • Curly Willow branches - 5-7 small branches, per arrangement

  • Wire Cutters / Pruning Shears

  • Floral Wire & Tape


The fresh roses were ordered to arrive on the Thursday before our (Saturday) wedding.  We ordered in bulk, 125 roses for less than $100!  We used the extra roses in the bathroom, on the cake table, and by the bar.  The best part about the roses was their subtle but crisp sent at the reception.  On top of it, we were able to enjoy the roses for a week after the wedding, too!

How To

             Ahead of Time

  1. Gather the supplies.

  2. Using the wire cutters, cut the hydrangea and berry stems to size.

  3. Wrap the berry stems with floral wire and tape.  If your berry stems are too short, of if you think they might fall out of the vase, wrap them with floral wire and tape, to add length.

  4. Assemble a "trial" centerpiece, adjust the height and look to taste.

  5. The Morning Of

  6. Cut the roses to size.  Cut some slightly longer and some slightly shorter than the hydrangeas.

  7. Fill the vases with water.

  8. Insert the hydrangeas, berries, and roses.  Arrange to taste. 

  9. Add the curly willow branches for height.

  10. Arranging_3

  11. Place on reception table and enjoy!


Posted on September 8, 2008 .