What is the difference between an Event Designer and a Wedding Planner?

I stumbled upon this great post last night from a Philadelphia-based event design company and thought it appropriate to share with our readers. Often brides get confused on the different between a wedding planner, florist and event designer. This bit sums up so nicely what companies like Inspired Goodness are really all about.

We feel it's important that we take the time to educate and inform on
event design. The more we work with clients and meet the wonderful
couples we are lucky to know, the more we realize that people just
don't understand what Event Designers really do and why it's a value.

Open up a Martha Stewart, You may see pictures like this:


This is the work of Rebecca Thus,
a well respected Event Designer. Note the details and how everything
seems to tie together. That is event design. An ED will create an
overall concept for your event at the start of planning and should
ensure that every visual detail works as a cohesive whole. This may
include partnering with your florist and lighting specialist, or using
one in house. Florists do flowers and can do some structural work
depending on the florist. Event Designers, design events from top to
bottom. So now you're may thinking, but I can do that myself. And
you're right, you probably could. But the couples who hire ED's
are very interested in creating a stunning and unique event. You're not
hiring someone to go buy vases and tie bows. You're hiring a creative
team for their brains. The same reason why artists can sell a painting
for thousands of dollars. You aren't paying for the oil paint and
canvas (bows and boxes), you're paying for the creativity that maybe
you didn't have.


These pictures above are the work of RJ Balthazar, another event design firm. They happen to also do florals as well. You can see the creative touches though that go well beyond just flowers.

who end up working well with event designers are those who value
something different. A good event designer won't simply recreate what
you saw in a magazine. They will instead take your ideas and create
something that has never been done before (Or they should!)

now that couples are asking about is getting published in a magazine.
Magazines won't just publish a wedding that was "expensive", they will
specifically want to see original details. If the details aren't there,
it's not worth sharing for them. (from the mouth of a well respected
bridal mag editor).


These pictures are from Art Fool, another great ED firm. A few last pointers and insights about Event Designers.

job is to create something beautiful. They will charge for their
concepts and time and bill for materials based on your budget or

They generally aren't coordinators. They may partner
with a day of coordinator if you think that is something you are
looking for, but designers are different people than coordinators.

value their time as you would value a photographer's or a florist's
time and understand that you aren't just paying for some linens and
cute nick knacks.

Working with an Event Designer doesn't mean giving up all creative control either. Good ED's
should partner with you! Find people you like and you can have fun
with! We absolutely love everyone of our clients and are lucky enough
to work with people we want to spend time with.

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Posted on September 26, 2008 .