D.I.Y. Ring Bearer "Ring Boxes"

When I asked my 2 little cousins to be our ring bearers, I knew they would be adorable.  But I also knew they would need a little motivation to walk down the aisle!  So, after some brainstorming, I decided they could carry "ring boxes".  And for motivation, we filled them with a surprise of toys (instead of rings), to open after they walked down the aisle!  Don't you just love the suspenders and bow ties, too!!?



  • Brown craft box - 3 inches square
  • Fabric - a 6-inch square + an 11-inch square
  • Double sided tape
  • Ribbon - about 50 inches in length
  • Scissors
  • Tape measure (or ruler)


How To

            The Top


  1. Cut a 6x6 inch square of fabric. 
  2. Using the double sided tape, place 2 strips of tape on the top, near the edges.  Adhere the lid to the center of the fabric.
  3. Place tape on the inner edges, on opposite sides.  Stretch the fabric so that it smoothly adheres to the tape.  If your fabric has wrinkles, pull it off of the tape, and re-secure.
  4. On the 3rd side, place tape on the inside edge.  Pull the loose corners tight and adhere.  This part reminds me of how you wrap the end of a present...read on if you are confused.
  5. On the same edge, place a piece of tape on the outer edge.  Fold in the loose ends of the fabric to adhere.  This should result in triangle-shaped flap of fabric (see photo 6 above).
  6. Place another piece of tape on the outer side of the edge.  This time, the tape will be over the fabric. 
  7. Pull the triangle-shaped fabric over the edge, securing to the tape.  You will also need to secure the very tip of the triangle to the inside.   Repeat for the 4th edge of the lid.
  8. The Bottom


  9. Cut an 11x11 inch piece of fabric. 
  10. Place the box in the center (for reference), and cut away approximately 3.5x3.5 inch squares from each corner.  This is to remove excess fabric at the corners.
  11. Using double sided tape, place 2 strips of tape on the bottom of the box, 2 strips of tape on each side (of 2 opposite sides), and 1 strip of tape at the upper inside edge (for the 2 opposite sides).   
  12. Secure the bottom of the box to the fabric center, and stretch the fabric up the opposite sides of the box.  Secure fabric to the sides and inner edges.
  13. On the 3rd side of the box, place 4 pieces of tape at each edge. Secure the loose ends of fabric (from step 10) to the 3rd side of the box.
  14. Place 2 more vertical pieces of tape on the edges, and 1 piece of tape on the inside edge.  Using both hands, fold under both unfinished fabric edges, and pull the fabric up and over the edge.  Secure fabric to the side and inside edge. 
  15. Repeat for the 4th side of the box.

Once the box has been covered in fabric, fill the box with "treats" for your ring bearers.  Then, tie a ribbon around it, and enjoy!



Posted on September 22, 2008 .