Photobooth Follies

How can one not be obsessed in capturing memories of their
wedding day. From the time you wake in the morning until the last guest is
being carted off the dance floor, brides are trying to capture their big day
with all sorts of photography and videography. But a recent fun trend is the
simple photo booth set up along an empty wall in your reception venue.

I first remembered seeing this in Martha Stewart Weddings (Spring ’06) – in that fabulous handcrafted fête featuring Lena
wedding. I certainly love the idea of renting an old-fashioned
photo booth, but for some people, this just isn’t an option due to cost and
space availability. With the added fun of supplying props and various
backgrounds, you’re bound to have memories that your photographer may just not
have been able to otherwise capture.

*Update: Photos in the bottom row are from Brooklyn Bride's wedding - we had the credit incorrectly given to another blog. I loved these photos due to all the fun props Vane provided her guests. It really made for some silly and memorable pictures.


top row: Lena
on Flickr, middle row: Flickr set posted by
Oh Happy
(photography by Juliann
), bottom row photos from Brooklyn Bride's
wedding [images by Belathée Photography, arranged by Christy].

Posted on August 4, 2008 .