Spread the word please, its "Nie Nie Day"

Being a blog owner has allowed us to get to become part of a wonderful community, full of naturing, caring and encouraging people. Whether you write your own blog or are one of the millions of people leaving comments, we all strive to form a group that get involved in the day-to-day of each others lives.


One of my favorite blogs, Design Mom is hosting Nie Nie Day, inspired by her friend and fellow blogger, Stephanie Nielson of Nie Nie Dialogs. Stephanie and her husband Christian, parents to four small children,  were seriously injured in a plan crash about two weeks ago - you can read more of their story here. To help this family on the long road of recovery ahead of them, a benefit fund has been established.

Today, hundreds of people are helping by:

  • hosting silent auctions (check out Design Mom's site today for a complete listing)

  • writing special posts to spread the word (like we are doing here)

  • donating funds

  • sending a card to Stephanie and Christian letting them know they are in your thoughts.
    The address is:

    c/o Stephanie & Christian Nielson
    Maricopa County Hospital
    2601 East Roosevelt St
    Phoenix, AZ 85008

Please visit
Design Mom now to see how you can get involved and help support our fellow friend.

Posted on August 28, 2008 .