Kodak Moments

I received an email from Kodak the other day with this month's winning Kodak Moment Picture and had to share, since this photo totally encompasses the look we are striving to find for our Candid Eye Candy Contest.

Picture 1

from the winning submission:

In a New York minute …
This photo was taken on our wedding day in New York City! New York is
special to us because it’s where we met, fell in love, got engaged and
live today. After the ceremony, we cruised around the city in a vintage
taxi and jumped out at Times Square to snap a photo. Crowds of tourists
were cheering and honking, and then parted so we could snap our
picture. Just as we were posing, a subway train went by underground and
made my dress and veil fly up! The crowd cheered even louder, and Marc
and I were in hysterics!
At first, we felt bad that we didn’t get the ‘nice’ picture we were
aiming for...but it is funny how some of life's greatest moments are
unexpected. The photo turned out even better than we could have ever
expected. We could have never planned it that way! - Jessica Kouvaros

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Posted on July 3, 2008 .