Creative Wedding Touches: Bedazzled Bridesmaid Sashes

We had a great reader question I thought best to answer on the blog so all our readers can benefit from the answer. Michelle writes:

...One of the things I loved [from your wedding] was the decorated ribbon sashes [the bridesmaid's wore] adorned with beading. I'm looking to make something similar for my wedding dress which is a plain sheath with a slight A-line, and I was wondering how you made it...I'm not crafty and have no idea of where to start.

Well, its a rather simple answer, Michelle. My maids wore sleek chocolate brown Vera Wang dresses that originally came with a simple black velvet ribbon. I loved the idea of adding a detail to the girls dresses that would tie-in to my outfit for the day and decided on making each girl a sash for their waist that was of the same beaded ribbon I used to wrap my bridal bouquet.


First stop was MJ Trim for 2.25" wide ivory satin ribbon. I bought 1 yard for each girl, and found a lovely beaded ribbon (2 yards) there for accenting the part of the sash in the back, so it was seen as they walked down the aisle. To dress up the sashes and customize them for each maid, I purchased three different large crystal brooches - one for each girl. To assemble, I ligh
tly glued the beaded ribbon to the satin ribbon (measuring each girl across the back to ensure the correct size). The entire project took about an hour, most of the work was assembling the supplies and finding the perfect brooches.

On the morning of the wedding, I gave each bridesmaid her gifts, a necklace and matching earrings I had made them, along with a jewelry roll to keep their gems with them during their travels. The sashes were enclosed in the boxes with the other items. I trimmed the ends the morning of the wedding to finish everything off!

photos: Brian Dorsey Studios

Posted on July 25, 2008 .