The Loss of a Very Special Lady

I wanted to share with our readers what's been going on at Inspired Goodness this week, but its been a rather difficult time for us to focus on things with the news of my husband's Nana passing away. I thought it was only right to share a few words about this woman who really made such an impact on our family.

Nana was such a strong character. She was full of amazing stories. They were the kind of stories you always listened to with your mouth wide open, in awe of the fact that this amazing 90 year old woman not only remembered minute little details but the adventures and travels of her exciting lifetime experiences. A fabulous host and constant entertainer, Nana always had her "little nibbles" out, even on a last-minute visit and made wonderful pizelles every Christmas for everyone in the family. From the very first day I was introduced to Nana, she was so inviting and open to my inclusion of the family and I will never forget upon meeting her for the first time, she asked how John and I had met. I was very nervous, meeting the family matriarch and knew, I couldn't tell the same lie I had to almost all others. I just bravely stated "we meet on-line, on the Internet" and her answer was so unforgettable "Oh, well you know, everyone is doing that these days - its very modern." My love her her was cemented that day.

Over the past eight years, I've been lucky to have countless wonderful memories of this woman and feel lucky to have had such a wonderful relationship with her from the beginning. Nana will be missed and fondly remembered and I hope you enjoy this lovely photos from our wedding of her, as well as Nana on her wedding day.


Posted on July 24, 2008 .