Peach + Teal, seen everywhere!

I’ve never been much of a peach and turquoise lover myself,
but since I saw the winning Color
Palette Contest
entry at Style Me
last week, this scheme has been stuck in my head. I’ve seen some
fabulous images since the winner’s were announced, and wanted to share with our
readers a little variation on the theme.

And, it looks as if I’m not the only blogger whose caught this
color bug. Make sure to check out ABCD
Designs Bespoke.


Photos: Cabana and Couple in front of orange door,
and Room,
via Snippet & Ink and bouquet
by Lisa Leigh Photography via The Knot and
Oslo Invitation by Kenzie Kate,
stylish bridal party via The
Preppy Wedding

Posted on July 19, 2008 .