What's Cookin' in Brooklyn?

We have some really exciting things going on these days in my neck of the woods that I am so very happy about. First, Ikea Brooklyn opened last month in Red Hook and I made my trek (with our handy new GPS) and Hetfield over to the waterfront for a breakfast of yummy Swedish Meatballs and potatoes covered in lingonberry sauce.

Secondly, our wonderful friend Andrew graced our presence with one of the most useful and much anticipated wedding gifts of all time - our grill. Here's some photos of our inaugural cookout in Prospect Park. This grill is so fabulous and is easy to transport to the park thanks to an ingenious handle and folding base. Since we do live in NYC, and we are pretty short on storage space, yep, we are storing it under the bed! And yes, I can hear you snickering...

Nicely, Ikea now let's you buy frozen meatballs, powdered gravy and jarred lingonberry sauce. So not only do we have easy access to inexpensive supplies for events within a 5 mile radius, we can dine on some fine foods right from home!


Posted on July 17, 2008 .